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I downloaded the Teamlava games – Fashion Story, Restaurant Story and Bakery Story – originally for my kids. And.. well my kids didn’t find them that interesting but I ended up spending a lot of free time on these games. Building up my shops from scratch. Determined not to resort to spending any real money on them. And while being a non paying gamer means I don’t get to buy some novelty items for my virtual businesses..that’s okay. I can still obtain quite a few nice things for my shops. I realise being a home educating mum with three kids mean I can hardly spend more than an hour a day on these games, so there’s no way I’m gonna be competing with the schoolkids and teens who do play this, but its enough for me. Because, I really gotta start doing Assignment N2 from my Writers’ Bureau Course now.. . or I will never finish or get my writing career off the ground. .. I used to be someone who sniffs at people who spend a lot of time on Facebook’s games like Farmville, etc… but I’ll just have to eat my humble pie now. LOL Cos what I’m doing now isn’t that much different, except it’s not Facebook games I’m into!