You know I’ve always had an interest in taking apart stuff since I was a kid to find out how things look inside and work. Well I destroyed my dad’s walkman because of that actually… or I think I did. Or maybe just the fact that I overplayed Pearl Jam’s Ten cassette tape album too many times on the way home from school in the early 90s killed the walkman in the end. I don’t know.

Anyway, I’ve just spent 20 minutes taking apart my childrens’ ASUS TF101 tablet because, due to their rough-handling, the volume buttons had become “sticky” and would randomly volume down all the way to mute even if you just gave it a slight push to make it volume down by 1 or 2 steps.

Prior to this, I bought myself a set of Draper 31 piece precision screwdriver set and this handy Small Device Tool kit to help me get the job done. And thanks to this Youtube video, I got myself mentally prepared to do the job before I dismantled the bevel of the tablet and was able to realign the button keys.

So now the volume button works properly again!

Oh the little (geeky) joys in life.