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The following is an excellent commentary IMO written by someone about Ian Watkins’ child rape charges. I’ve loved Lostprophets songs when their very first album was released around 2000, and I have been following this news closely as it is a shock to me that the lead singer of the band has been charged with not just one but multiple counts of child porn and rape related charges. The police never make an arrest without spending time to carefully build up a case, and with this many charges against him, it’s pretty damning, even if he ends up getting acquitted from all of the charges. There is no smoke without fire, as the saying goes.

Accidents Happen.: General commentary on the LP situation…

Just been reading up on this whole Ian Watkins thing, and to be honest, whether or not he did rape this one year old girl, he still had child and animal porn on his computer. This makes him a paedophile…and into bestiality.

Accept that.

Further more, it’s nice that the fans are sticking by the other members of the band BUT what about the children that were abused? What about the children and animals that were taken advantage of for his entertainment? A loss of innocence has occurred.

No words of kindness and sorrow for them?

It’s interesting that people say it’s all slander and why has no-one come forward before? How do you know they haven’t? It could be that those people’s claims could not be substantiated and this could not be taken further. How do you know they weren’t fearful of the repercussions. In this day and age women and men still don’t come forward if they’re victims of rape or abuses, so what change does a young person or a child even have? Also, why would anyone want to frame him? Without shitting on the band (of which I admit I’m not a fan) it’s not as if they were in the public eye a lot recently and aside from mainstream rock and alternative culture most people don’t really know of them?

It’s been said he had a penchant for sleeping with the groupies under the age of consent? The fans argue that these girls have thrown themselves at him and could have stopped it…so what, he couldn’t say no? That my friend is victim blaming.
Which also leads me to the point that if he was sleeping with under-age fans, it’s probable that his band members knew and had an inkling of his preferences, so they’re not completely innocent if this all ends up being true not speaking out against these types of things makes you part of the problem unfortunately. On a final note, if he isn’t guilty of conspiring to rape the 1 year old girl and the other charges his career is definitely over, which is why many people take the “innocent until proven guilty” stance understandably, but guys it’s not looking good. I’ve said a lot about this for someone who’s not a fan, but I just think the attitude people have had about this situation is ridiculous. I cannot stand ignorance, victim blaming and lax attitudes toward abuse.