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My husband lovingly bought me a Kindle Paperwhite for Valentines Day – well it was an early present.

I love it. I am reading Life of Pi at the moment. I don’t know about you but I think its a pretty compelling read! It’s quite interesting what the author says about animals and animal psychology and how it relates to human beings. It’s also quite an amusing read. I really really love reading on the Kindle. It beats reading on an LCD screen like a tablet or a smartphone (which I’d been doing for the last year and hated it). I love the dictionary feature on the Kindle as well – it’s so easy to use. And it’s accessible even in offline mode as well. Battery life is fantastic compared to my smartphone or table. And they say reading is like meditation? Well that must explain the feeling of calm that I get whenever I have been sat reading a book for an hour! And with the Kindle Paperwhite, reading for an hour is easily done! I am so taken with my Kindle, I’ve even bought a couple of other bestsellers on cheap 20p deals – another beauty of having a Kindle – cheap, good bestsellers!

I used to be an avid reader as a kid but when I grew up I lost interest. Life got busier and I just relegated book-reading to the back of my things to do. I went through Uni reading only what is required of me in my degree. And after that, I only read non-fiction – mostly books on psychology, parenting, birth preparation, etc… i.e. books that were relevant to my life. I missed enjoying a good novel, because it was ages ago when I was in school since I enjoyed a good novel. I just never found time to read one. Or rather, reading one seemed a frivolous waste of time to me this past decade because I was too busy raising little children with my husband on our own. But I can feel the strain easing little by little as my youngest is now 4 and a half. He is not that much of a baby anymore, so doesn’t require as much work on my work. I now am finding I have time to read a novel or two in my spare time after the kids have gone to bed.

I think nowadays if something’s in electronic format I’m more likely to read it than if it was paper and ink. Don’t really know why other than my years of being online probably attuned me to screens. The Kindle Paperwhite is a front-lit touchscreen e-reader. Front-lit meaning it does not create as much eyestrain as back-lit devices (i.e. LCD screens/smartphones/tablets). The benefit of the front-lit screen in the Kindle Paperwhite means that unlike the regular £69 Kindle, you can read in low light without an additional torch light attachment. So it is really quite cool. I have used that function umpteen times as I tend to read in very low light in the late night.

The touchscreen is a good feature. Makes it intuitive to turn a page (almost like turning a real book). And I like highlighting memorable paragraphs/sentences and taking notes when I read, and the touchscreen makes it so easy to do all that. I am sure without a touchscreen and just buttons and a cursor thing on screen, it would feel just a tad more tedious. The screen itself has a sort of matte, slightly rough feel and appearance, which mimicks that of a book page a teeny little. But that also means that there are no smudgy greasy fingerprint marks on the screen even after you’ve “turned” pages on the Kindle hundreds of times. The screen stays smudge-free and clean.

I am so glad I have this Kindle. I was contemplating whether to buy this one (which costs £109) or the regular £69 Kindle that doesn’t have a built-in light or a touchscreen. And I would say, this one is better for me. Anyways, if I bought the regular £69 Kindle I would end up buying the light attachment for reading in low light and that would mean an additional £10 to £20 so it makes the price of having a regular £69 Kindle quite similar to the price of a Kindle Paperwhite anyway. And with a Paperwhite, there is just one device to carry round. With the regular Kindle, I’d have to lug the light attachment as well. And I don’t have good experiences of using light attachments for reading. I had an attachment like that for regular paperback books few years ago. It broke pretty quickly. So yeah… I’d recommend the Kindle Paperwhite all the way, especially if you’re often reading in low-light conditions.