I’ve been following this case the past 2 days and have been really intrigued (and spooked) by it.

I travelled alone to London at age 21 and certainly stayed at some dubious places and met dubious characters. I feel lucky I didn’t meet the same fate as she did.

Plus I found the Youtube video of her last CCTV footage :
before she went missing and I felt spooked by it to say the least. How odd is that video?! Nothing she does in it seems normal to me. And in case anyone thinks it may be normal to someone from an Asian or Chinese background – well I can assure you – as someone who grew up in Asia, I personally don’t find her actions to be normal in that video at all. From the moment she swoops her head out of the lift door to see if anyone’s out there pressing the lift buttons to stop the door closing – I thought there was something off about her body language. If I was in that situation myself, there is no way I would make such an odd swooping head action to check the outside of the lift door. I might take a slow forward step and turn my head slowly to the right or left to see if someone’s there, like anyone would usually. But to do it the way she did? No way. That was just plain weird.

Also she does other very odd things in the vid. Like her random arm gestures.. the weird thing was that nobody else seemed to be present in the video. If there was, her actions would be consistent with one that was happening as a real conversation with another person was occurring. But no, instead it looked like she was talking to an imaginary friend.

I still suspect it may be murder. If her body rotted in that water tank for 3 weeks, there is no way the water sample testing would show minute or insignificant traces of bacteria or micro organisms. It sounds to me like someone had maybe kept her body around for nearly 3 weeks (possibly in one of the hotel rooms) but then decided last minute to dump her already decomposing body in the water tank.

It just stinks of murder to me. Yeah I don’t dispute the girl seemed like she may be suffering from mental illness in that cctv video on Youtube, but I feel that made her a vulnerable prey to someone in the hotel and which led to her demise in some way.

Canadian Chinese girl found dead in Californian hotel’s water tank