Never Had A Dream Come True by S Club 7.

Every time I listen to this song it brings back very poignant memories for me of my time in London in the winter of 2000. This song was a big new hit at the time too. I remember this colleague of mine when I was working in London. She told me she tries to stop herself from listening to this song because it made her sad. And I have to admit, this song always makes me sad too when I hear it. This song seems to induce a sense of longing for the (possibly over-idealised, sugar-coated) past for many of us. Its really quite something.

I played this song today with my children in the same room. Was snowing outside and my girls were humming the song (even though it was the first time they’d heard of it – this is the mark of a good song I say). I’m sure my girls had no life experience to speak of, at such tender ages, to have this song trigger any feelings of longing for the past! But a good song means the melody and words are easily caught on to by the new listener. As for me, I was standing at the window watching the snow fall in my garden with my son who was also doing the same. I felt a bit emotional at that time. Damn the snow!

Memories are what songs can impart to us. It is what makes them timeless. Special. They transport us to a setting in the past and for those couple of minutes, it can almost feel like the past is alive again. Nostalgia is a funny thing. Songs are very powerful things.

I blame my songwriting course for listening to this song today. I have been relistening and revisiting certain memorable songs that have stuck with me through the passages of time. Trying to see if there is anything I can learn from the song’s structure, style and melody. I have to say I am really drawn into this whole songwriting thing. I find it such a fascinating subject and experience.