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Well I’ve successfully rooted my Android phone tonight! A good 3 hours it took. Some fuck ups along the way (of course… nothing ever goes smoothly in my life). But ooh… the sweet smell of success!

I’m so glad I did this. Now that my phone’s internal memory is freed, I can use it for at least one more year. I mean, the phone itself is really not bad in terms of specs. It has a good 8 MP camera, HD video recording function, 1 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon CPU, Sony Bravia HD resolution screen (which is beautiful to look at and watch videos on)… and it’s a damn good music player too. With all that Sony sound…

The only drawback is that it’s internal memory is a measly 320 MB. That’s probably why the price point for this phone (when it was still being sold) was lower than most of the other Sony Xperias on the market.

But it’s okay. Now that the internal memory issue is fixed, I can use the phone happily… I can even transfer all of my Teamlava games onto it now and play on it instead of on my cumbersome 10” tablets. Which are not that portable at all. Woo hoo!