Well it’s finally hit me now. After getting my nose pierced on the 17th of June recently and having had a few mishaps with it initially (like accidentally pulling it out in my sleep on day 7 of piercing), I’ve always had like a swollen bump on the inside of my nose where the piercing is. It was a bitch to get rid of. But it was totally unnoticeable to anyone who wasn’t going to be pressing the tip of my nose upwards and staring into my nostril for 30 seconds. And you know what? I noticed it was gone since.. 2 days ago. Hurrah! Right? No. Unfortch… the OUTSIDE of my nose piercing has started to develop a stubborn bump that won’t diminish in size even if I SSS it daily. This is more annoying than the bump I had before because this is fucking noticeable man. Like damn. What luck.

I am having thoughts of rummaging in my eldest daughter’s messy bedroom for that tube of Fucidin H cream that the doctor prescribed for her to treat a bout of eczema. Actually yeah. I think I’ll just do that tomorrow. Because according to this advice by Spike in the bodyjewelleryshop forums, which happens to be a very reputable piercing forum, this cream works on piercing bumps for real.