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So I got my results today in the post and it says I am in the top 3% of the population according to the Cattell Test B I took, but I am in the top 15% according to the Culture Fair test I took. And therefore, I am 1 point away from being accepted into Mensa. If I had 1 point more, I’d be accepted into Mensa (provided I’m happy to pay the £50 something annual membership fee, which I am not).

But weird as it sounds, I actually feel a bit gutted that I’m only 1 point away from qualifying for Mensa membership. Feckin ‘ell. I wouldn’t feel gutted if I was, say, 10 points away from qualifying. But 1 fuckin’ point!? Damn.

Oh well, it’s done and dusted now. I think I’m just gonna stash this result slip away somewhere in a corner behind closed doors, and never show it to anyone or tell anyone about it. How embarrassing for anyone to know that I actually went to the trouble of taking a Mensa test.