Okay so I think a rather bad infection has been triggered off from my nose (and nose piercing) getting accidentally “punched” by my little son a few days ago. It didn’t bleed or anything so I thought nothing major.

I thought nothing of it the day or two after, and just cleaned the piercing area in the shower as I usually did, which had been better than SSS for me as SSS always manages to make things worse… hmm… an it felt a teeny bit achy but I assumed that would pass. 2 days ago I started getting chills. I thought I might have a fever, but I didn’t. And I noticed that my nostril hurts whenever I yawn or flare my nostrils.

Yesterday was worse. Maybe it had something to do with me getting only 6 hours of sleep due to sleeping late as well – I really have to stop this – but I was feeling really tired and achy muscly… I couldn’t make out if it was due to insufficient sleep or the piercing getting seriously infected (with the risk of septicaemia). The piercing site and the surrounding area had now started to swell noticeably… forming a slightly raised, tender, hard pink blob. I freaked out a little and thought about it the whole day and slathered Fucidin H cream on the site every 6 hours…

Plus I applied heat on the area with the tepid water from the shower whilst bathing… for as long as I could take. After the bath, my nose area felt very comfortable… I had no idea if any discharge was purged during that… but I hoped so, because this is starting to look like an abscess to me.

Sigh… I told my husband if he found me lying unconscious tomorrow, he should bring me to the hospital and tell the doctors it is my irritated piercing that probably was the culprit. Jeez, all I can say now is, I lovr my nose piercing so much but it is such a PITA to care for.

It used to just give problems in the form of a tiny little pimply bump that looked unsightly but didn’t make me sick. Applying Fucidin H to that almost always helps it resolve itself within days. Well I hope this time it’s not serious enough for the Fucidin H not to work. This is probably the worst episode I’ve had so far with an irritated piercing.

But its things like this which let me appreciate the things I have in life. I gave my all to my family and never thought about what if… just want them to know I love them and appreciate them so even if I’m gone tomorrow, no regrets.

Boy am I getting melodramatic tonight. Shit, piercing! Please heal the fuck up!