Read the following in French and it sounds just like “Little Miss Muffet” rhyme but with a heavy French accent :

“Lit-elle messe, moffette
Satan ne te fête,
Et digne somme coeurs et nouez.
À longue qu’aime est-ce pailles d’Eure.
Et ne Satan bise ailleurs
Et ne fredonne messe. Moffette, ah, ouais”

– From the humorous book “Mots d’Heures: Gousses, Rames” written by an American actor/writer called Luis d’Antin van Rooten

Translation : “This little fragment is a moral precept addressed to a young girl. She is advised to go to mass even under the most adverse conditions in order to confound Satan and keep her heart pure until the knot (marriage) is tied. She is warned against long engagements and to stay out of hayfields, be they as lush and lovely as those of the Eure valley, for Satan will not be off spoiling crops elsewhere. She must not mumble at mass, or the consequences will make the noxious fumes of the earth seem trivial.”

If you want to read more of Luis’s work from the same book, look here: http://www.blueridgejournal.com/poems/mots.htm