Found this pair of boots for sale on eBay today here : http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/180738713505

Why would a woman want to buy a pair of boots like these that look like very plain, boring flat boots, but has a secret heel inside to add height? So she can look like she’s naturally tall even though she isn’t?

Look. Women’s legs and feet (any woman’s) always look better on heels. Visible heels. Flats only look good on women with naturally slender long legs. That’s a fact. And even then, any woman with long, slender legs will still look more gorgeous in visibly-heeled shoes than in flats.

My point is : these concealed platform heel flat boots are quite pointless really.

Curvy women always look better in stacked heels anyway. Get a pair of stack heeled boots. The visibly stack heeled type. They’ll make your legs look ten times better than this.

And ladies with naturally long, slender legs… why bother with these? You will look nice even in real flat boots, and you’ll look even better if you wore heels!