Something’s come over me. Something’s changed.

I mean, my daughter was reading me a few lines from the book of riddles and jokes she bought and it actually made me laugh!

I’ve never found riddles very amusing ever. Well not until now, that is. I always preferred slapstick humour.

I don’t know if it’s because I’ve lived in England for too long.

I wonder what else will change about me. Other than my looks, of course.

P.S. After a few hours have passed since I wrote this entry, I realised what else was making me laugh at the English riddles my daughter was reading me.

She’s not that good at reading as yet, since she is still young, so what she did was, she would start reading the first word or two of a riddle, then stop and then look sheepishly at me and ask, “Mum .. can I ask you a question? How do you read – (and she starts to spell out a word in the riddle that is bothering her)?”

And I’d then tell her how I’d read it, and then she’d start reading the whole riddle again. Then my turn to guess.

I’ll let you know I am rubbish at solving riddles. I just am not smart like that. Most of the time, I’d not answer it correctly. Besides, it’s a riddle book but it’s also labelled as a joke book, so half of the answers are, imo, rather corny jokes… with some made-up words like the sort you get with knock-knock joke answers.

So she’d hit me with the riddle answer and I’d get the joke after thinking for a second or two about the answer. And then of course, it made sense! What with the word in the riddle that she’d just asked me to teach her to read and all… oh yes. It made sense now.

Hah! Hah! Haaaaah!

That’s er…. normally how it went during me and my daughter’s riddle sessions.

Love her to bits.