Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE my local libraries. I love books. And they are ever so helpful and polite with sorting out my book borrowing issues. But when I walked to the library and saw this sign posted on the library gates, it made me chortle.


I wonder if it’s because the person who wrote this is dyslexic, or does the library, in fact, not require its librarians to have a certain level of written English proficiency. All the more ironic because British people often rant about how immigrants should learn English, but it is the indigenous population themselves, who, as a result of the poor standard of many state schools here, leave the school system :

1) without the ability to string sentences together properly on paper (and this I’ve noticed in school letters from the schools my children attended, and even in official letters written by English government officials, who are supposed to represent the country);

2) without decent Math skills (I’ve heard many white foreign immigrants here complain about this. One of my friends is a German expat in England – a financial director of a European firm – and he complained about how odd it was that the English management staff he worked with had poor Math skills and how in Germany, it would be unheard of for anyone to be promoted to management level if they did not possess decent Math skills)

I still like the librarians in this library though.

I like all libraries, in general. I have not yet been to one I didn’t like.