I’ve been blogging on and off for the past 10 years or so but only recently did I decide to purchase a domain for my blog. I transferred all my text blog entries I’d written on Tumblr onto this new one here. Some articles are quite old in fact, dating back to 2 years ago. I didn’t bother keeping blog entries any older than that, as I am a pretty prolific writer and can churn out an article in an hour… just give me some space!

Purchasing a domain has definitely made me take my writing a bit more seriously. I have grown rather attached to tweaking my blog. I am a natural perfectionist, so this is typical of me. No such thing as “finished business” in my book. There’s always something that can be improved. For me, this blog is not meant to be a diary, but more a form of self-expression and reworking of thoughts. A play of words. A craft project that never ends. A perpetual work in progress.

I’m a writer. Well, not earned a single penny from it as yet. But now I think I am going to Google AdSense my page and try to earn a little money from clicks to my site. I have a way of saying things in a way that stirs up people (for good or for bad), because I feel strongly. That bodes well for a writer. I can write something with a lot of wrath one day, then the next week, I’d have stopped feeling that way. I’d reread the piece and think, “Wow… I did sound angry! But I don’t feel like that anymore!” I just really have to learn to rein it in a bit, as I can get overboard sometimes with my words and offend people unwittingly.

I posted an article last month about giving up seats on a bus to a child. I was quite upset at the time of posting – not about the bus incident specifically, but because I was pissed off about something (as you do). Writing is a way for me to vent. I feel good after I’ve written. But I didn’t expect anyone to bother to read or comment on it, as I had originally posted it on my Tumblr account a few weeks ago but nobody commented or liked it. But almost within 24 hrs of transferring my text posts from my Tumblr to this account, I suddenly had an influx of comments. I was, quite frankly, unprepared for it, and spent quite a lot of time replying to them. It was a warning to me about the potential massive sap of time maintaining a personal blog can be. I must have been using the wrong bloghost in the past, as I wrote many things like this on Tumblr and I never had to deal with comments much. Tumblr is good for sharing photos and videos and that’s what I’ll be using it solely for from now.

I realised I was probably too strong in my wording in the article. I have gone back and rewritten some lines in it so it doesn’t sound so… inflammatory. But it also got me thinking about earning money from my posts. From clicks. I saw from my stats that I had 94 views on that article alone, in the course of two days! That’s pretty impressive. Wow… if only I got paid per click. But I realise that with my new mellowed down rewritten article, I will probably not gain many views because it doesn’t fire people up. It’s a balancing game isn’t it? Now I know why tabloid rags like the Daily Mail get so many viewers online. People seem to thrive on negativity. I admit I did sound very negative in my original post, but that was what attracted people to comment on it. Sad, but true. It’s a reminder to myself to not get hooked onto negative stuff.

Another thing is that my writing style does not “sound” like my speaking style. It is something I’m currently working on because my style of writing is influenced heavily by the academic writing I’ve had to do in school all the way up to Uni when my degree was in a subject which involved a lot of head scratching, complex reading and construction of valid logical arguments. I have a tendency to sound really serious and argumentative on paper, and although that works in business matters and dealing with government officialdom, it really doesn’t work very well in online conversations and casual discussions.

I’m still doing my Writer’s Bureau course. Very slowly I might add, as I’m not really interested in some of the assignments. Now I’m stuck on assignment N3 and I need to produce yet another interview article again. I don’t really like doing interview articles, because it is so hard for me to get expert interviews, because I am just a nobody, not a journalist working in well-known publications. I feel silly having to call up professionals and asking if they could spare time for me. It seems such a waste of time, since this is just for an assignment, not a real publication, although I can send the draft out to major publication editors and see if they’d be happy to print my article and hopefully pay me!

I’ve been thinking of finding writing work on oDesk but I had a look at the kind of work available there and I have come to the conclusion that some of these job offers are simply taking the piss with the pittance they offer in return for hours of work. I’m an artist, first and foremost, and I feel somewhat degraded to have to write about things I don’t really care for, in exchange for money. But… maybe if it paid more, I wouldn’t mind. I would get a sense of pride from having made some money from doing something I am talented in and find quite pleasant to do. It would still feel better than working in some dead end job I don’t enjoy and earning the same pay.

Anyway, I would not even be seriously working on my writing if I had not spent just under US$30 buying a domain for my blog, so I think it’s really money well-spent. Over the past few days, since I bought this domain, I have reworked and rewritten a lot  of the blog entries on here. I’ve decided to delete some as I now read them back and feel they sound too incoherent and pointless – I must have written them when I was sleepy!

All this rewriting and polishing of my words is good for sharpening my mind and improving my writing. It’s been so many years since I left Uni, so my standard of writing has gone down quite a bit.

In short, I am happy I bought a domain.