I used to be really into Astrology as a teen. I’d read books about how to determine my fate from natal charts, what each planet symbolises, what it means when Saturn conjuncts Moon, for instance. I’d often look to the stars for guidance in life or love matters. I was looking for certainty when there was none.

This is a good read for all Astrology sceptics out there, me included. Yes I’ve gradually stopped believing in these things. My reason for doing so was a combination of life experiences borne out which bore no resemblance to what was being predicted in charts, and a nagging doubt about how much the movements of planets in space can actually influence mundane life on Earth. How did that work? How could it work, anyway?

But reading this article gave me some more solid reasons. It wouldn’t take much to move my stance from slightly doubtful to pretty much an unbeliever in astrology… but the more I think about it now, the more I think Astrology is bunk.

That is not to say that the power of suggestion can be a very powerful thing, and that may be why Astrology works for some people.