As this article concludes : we shouldn’t judge people by appearances. That is true.

I’ve been contemplating getting a tattoo for a long time. Well over 20 years. The only reason I held back was because I was afraid of being passed over promotions at work or not passing interviews, or not being able to progress in my career as a result. But really I think the real reason was that I wasn’t sure why I had the urge to have a tattoo. Sure, I thought some tattoos are beautiful works of art. But I just wasn’t sure if at the time, it was just me being a rebellious young lady – because I was. And people I liked or looked up to didn’t have tattoos. Well, they didn’t seem to flash them even if they did have some discreet ones.

Fast forward to now. I’m in my mid 30s, and I have had no career to speak of for the past 12 years. Okay I have been a homeschooling mum… but I never really was the sort of hippie mum who wanted to homeschool from the start. I did it more out of necessity, as my eldest had a condition which meant she would never ever thrive or be happy in a school environment. Right from the start, when she was a baby, I had the feeling that school would be tricky for her, but I still went through the motions, hoping it would be nothing like what I suspected.

We tried putting her in school for about 4 years and when that all just culminated in a really horrible time for her, I decided enough was enough, and we never looked back. And she’s come on in leaps and bounds since, although at the sacrifice of my career. I have come to enjoy homeschooling and even view it as preferable to conventional schooling, although sometimes I do wonder what would have become of me had I not given up a career to do this.

I used to not be sure what sort of career or jobs were good for me. I tried many jobs, really did, but ultimately I feel really I am only happiest and more suited to a job in the arts. Maybe in caring professions as well. But not in corporate jobs or engineering or IT, or even food and beverage.

I guess some day, when my children are grown and my “career” as a homeschooling parent is over, I intend to go back to work and preferably in one of those professions I know I suit. And because I know now that tattoos are not as big an issue in these jobs (many of the people working in them seem to have tattoos these days)I feel that finally, I should just go get my first tattoo done.

But it has taken me so long to do this. I suppose it’s probably a good sign that I did take so long. When I was younger and trying different work environments and jobs out, I wasn’t certain if I was gonna be the type who could carve a career in banking or some other corporate industry, so I played it safe by not getting any tattoos. I know I could get a tattoo in places clothes would cover, but I always wanted a tattoo on my arm, and these will never be discreet.

I became a born-again Christian some time ago, and I did research this a lot. The Bible doesn’t specifically say anything about tattoos. Tattoos are more like a physical adornment, like jewellery or makeup, or even hairstyles. And if a Christian is going to be pulled up for having tattoos, then other Christians who are into dressing up, wearing earrings, makeup, etc. can also be pulled up for doing so, because it all comes from a desire to want to prettify oneself the way one likes. It is all the same to me.

I’ve always loved beautiful tattoo work. I know there are bad tattoo jobs out there, and I’m not gonna say all tattoos are beautiful. But I see this as a very important thing and I want to get it right, so I will be going to a good tattoo artist (and saving up the funds for this)to have good beautiful work done on my body.

I know how taboo tattoos can be. But to judge a person as a bad person because of the fact they have tattoos on their body? And especially as a Christian, I’ve learnt not to judge people like this.