This illustrates my previous post perfectly. Renting really sucks in the UK.

Look. Rental markets cannot be free markets. Rental markets need regulation. And the government is not building enough affordable housing for the general public.

Here’s one more thing. Help stop the TTIP from going through. Stop the continued privatisation. If Thatcher hadn’t sold off all the government-owned council housing to private owners back then, perhaps England wouldn’t be in the housing crisis we are in today.

Also, consider doing some or all of the following:

  1. Time is running out for this one… so do this as soon as possible. Ask your MP to vote on the 28th November 2014 to end the landlords’ rights to revenge evictions.
  2. Sign the petition by Shelter England to end letting agents fees: http://england.shelter.org.uk/campaigns/fixing_private_renting/letting_agencies
  3. Join Generation Rent to campaign and lobby the government for changes to the rental situation in England so that renters can have professionally managed, secure, decent, and affordable privately rented homes. They also have regional groups which meet up to discuss ways of improving the local renting situation.
  4. Ask your MP to stand up for renters and improve the rental market.
  5. Support the creation of a National Register of Landlords to encourage landlords to adhere to better standards and code of conducts. (you will need to sign in to your Facebook, Twitter or register with Generationrent to do this)
  6. Ask your MP to ban rip off letting agent fees.
  7. Make landlords responsible for the electrical safety and wiring in their rental properties.
  8. Ask your local council to sign up to Shelter England’s campaign to evict rogue local landlords

I am so sick of greedy landlords, estate agents, and the ridiculous laws that protect them and shaft the ones who aren’t rich. The way this country is going, you’d think it was designated as a rich man’s playground. All others are just modern day wage slaves.