This is quite a remarkable case. At first I’d read about this on the Daily Mail’s Facebook feed and I thought it strange the mother only reported her son missing 20 years later. Many people commented on Facebook saying the mother is doing so for ulterior motives or neglect of some sort. Not wanting to believe the general consensus, I decided to do a little bit of Googling myself and found this search result. Now that answers the question.

I’m also happy the folks at Websleuths helped piece together this mystery that led to the mother being able to report her son missing finally. Also, Reddit users helped too.

Reddit has often been implicated in many news reports. I do have a Reddit app on my phone which I use to view an occasional Reddit thread of interest. Now for some reason, I just never got on with Reddit. I’d signed up for an account, but when I wanted to log into it again, I forgot what username or password I chose before and have to sign up for another account again. This happened again and I kind of just gave up on Reddit. Well I gave up on being an active participator in the forums but I definitely lurk around sometimes if it’s something interesting to me.

Websleuths is just so much easier for me to use.

Over the years, I have met quite a few nice people at Websleuths myself and learnt a lot from participating in the forums and helping wherever I can. In another life, I would be a police detective. I’d love such a job.