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I developed an interest in occult sciences as a teenager. I had an unhappy childhood, and growing up I found I always lacked purpose or drive. So I turned to occult sciences to try and find answers in life to guide me. It has done squat for me. Absolutely squat. All the money I’d ever spent on it… Looking back, I know now it was all for nothing like what I thought I’d get back for what I paid for. But I hung onto it for years, dabbling occasionally in it, hoping to let it guide me properly. I got upset when it said my life is in for bad luck, or if it said that of my kids. Then the rational skeptic in my brain kicks in and I start thinking can all this really be true? What is the proof for them? Should I be basing important life decisions on them? Etc.

Well it looks like the occult science bubble has definitely burst tonight. And funnily I feel pretty relieved. It was like a huge weight off my chest. And it was all down to this guy (let’s call him “C.”) who owns this Fengshui website at geomancy*dot*net. On it he operates a free advice forum. I’m sure he is doing it all for good will and a bit of self-promotion, but still mainly goodwill. You see he does not have to dispense advice to others if they ask. But he does anyway. And he does try. I know I can be really determined to get to the bottom of things, and once I’m in that mode, well I might seem vexatious to some. I was one of those kids who always asked “Why?”

Anyway recently I’ve been asking him a lot of questions about how to find out the best/most suitable careers by looking at our birth charts.

Now according to the Fengshui theory, careers can be chosen based on what Elements they can be classified as. The Ancient Chinese believed there were 5 elements in the world. Earth, Water, Metal, Wood and Fire. (Even just this alone should have put my rational skeptic brain off wasting more time on this endeavour and sent me running for the hills. But no. I persevered, trying to get to the bottom of it all.)

The problem is that careers are usually classed by Fengshui elements in a pretty crude way, which doesn’t really make it very useful. For example Water careers are said to be things like sailing, marine related industries, etc. But take sailing for instance. It really is a kind of sport, and sports however are classed as Earth careers… Or marine biology for instance, is a form of science. And Science is usually classed as Wood careers.. If you have a job like Vanessa Mae’s… Well she is a performer and her expertise is in music. Specifically violin. You could say her career is Water (music and arts are generally classed as such), Fire (because it is a performance career and performing in front of others, being a star, it can be argued as a Fire element), then you have the instrument she plays – the violin – that’s generally made of wood, so she’s in a lot of contact with wood, especially since she said before she usually practiced what… 8 hours a day? So what career element is she? A mix of many… And you can do this analysis for many other jobs as well. There are very few jobs today that are a pure Element type. Most jobs are mixed elements if you really analyse it. I guess what I’m trying to say is, there is no fixed answer on this topic. Read: There is no objective way of determining what element any career or job is, in the Fengshui sense.

Also even if you found a job that seems to fit all the elements you require to balance out your chart or whatever, doesn’t mean you’ll even like the job or find it interesting, or if that job requires a huge amount of studying and you’re perhaps too old to retrain (e.g. doctor), or if you don’t have the mental capacity to deal with the requirements of the job or the training (say being a criminal lawyer requures almost 24/7 involvement with work, plus a strong stomach because of the gruesome details of some murder cases say, which if you are a mother of young children with a lot of hoysehold responsibility, or if you are natyrally quite squeamish or easily upset, would not suit you no matter how suutable the job’s Career Elements are for your chart…

So I asked quite a few questions to C. about this topic and he got really upset at me. I didn’t really understand everything he wrote in his explanations of the concepts. On hindsight that’s probably because it was a load of metaphysical gibberish (as most occult sciences are) to a rational skeptic mind like mine. So in the end I said it all makes little sense to me. And I don’t really see the point in even using the Fengshui system to determine suitable careers for myself because basically it is a very gray and vague area. Very non-specific and hmm… Drove me nuts trying to understand it all. C. actually went on the offensive from the outright. Whoa… Why was he so mad? And now I realised he felt his career and the very stuff he was pushing were threatened by the nature of my questions, as he could not do anything other to admit in a wishy washy sort of way that well, there is no definite way of figuring out this sort of thing.

But I am glad this happened because it was the final straw that broke the proverbial camel’s back. I really needed to witness the farce that came from one of the self-proclaimed experts on the subject and the non-answer of my questions to finally say, “You know what? This whole Bazi Career thing is a crock of shit. It doesn’t really work. It is about as useful as a chocolate teapot for finding out one’s suitable careers.”

But lessons have to be learnt in life and for that, I guess this is where my life has led me.

So now hear me on this. If you really really want to figure out what the best career/job is for yourself, here are a few suggestions I can offer you – many of which are from legit career advise websites and discussion forums (non-occult ones, mind!) :

– Work with your natural atributes and aptitudes and preferences. Doing MBTI tests can often be a good start, followed by doing something like Dependable Strengths program to find out where your strengths and weaknesses lie, plus your natural preferences – because it is always ten times easier to work with your natural preferences than to go against the grain. Anyone can force themselves to get used to doing work that they are not naturally inclined towards, and even do it quite well, but they will never be as happy or fulfilled doing so than if they had done something in alignment with their natural preferences right?

– Come up with a shortlist of possible career matches, then see which one suits.

One thing to always bear in mind is that even if you found the perfect career for you, it’s still no good if you live in a place where there may be little to no job opportunities for that particular career path, and if you are stuck in that place and migrating to a country with those career opportunities is out of the question, you’d have to consider forgoing that career path.

So in short, there are very many factors that influence what your career path will be. And the fengshui bazi thing is such a tiny tiny part of that decision tree, if you ever decide to utilise it. And if you don’t utilise it, don’t worry. You are NOT going to be worse off for it. In fact I would hazard a guess you’ll actually save a lot more time, money and hassle by NOT using fengshui bazi methods to try and find your most suitable career.