I’ve been doing a cheap online Child Psychology course bought at a big discount from Centre of Excellence. Think I must have paid £14 for it on Littlebird, when it claimed its actual price should have been £300 or something. To be fair, looking at the materials, I would never pay £300 for something like that. But for £14 it’s the right price. Well, basically it organizes and cuts through a lot of the bulk of many psychology textbooks and basically puts all of the most important, noteworthy stuff in it. Stuff like Ainsworth’s research on attachment theory, Bower’s size constancy, Gestalt’s laws of visual perception, etc. All in one place… I printed out every page and filed it in a manila folder. I read through it like a book, every night. I try to answer the questions at the end of each topic from memory, so that means I am trying to memorize the information I read.

There are many, many inconsistencies in the text, misprints and grammatical errors. That’s why it is good as a taster course but not as a proper course. Anyway I had a look at some A Level Psychology and AP Psychology material online, and found this course material is more or less under the same scope. That’s understandable, as this course is meant for any adult who can read and comprehend reasonably. It certainly doesn’t get into 2nd year level Psychology material that’s for sure. I’d say it may be slightly less than what is covered in a 1st year Psychology degree, but is around that level. Anyway 1st year Uni in UK tends to be around A level standard anyway, to bring up all the 1st year students to somewhat similar knowledge levels about the degree subject.

That said, I’m really happy to be doing this cheap online course. I sure as hell don’t care for the “certificate” issued to those who complete the course, as I am well aware it will mean nothing as a qualification and is not accredited. I also had to Google up stuff while going through this course, whenever I needed a better explanation of the concept, because sometimes the grammatical errors are really bad and I don’t even know if I’m thinking along the right lines as I should be when learning this.

As a primer for Uni level Psychology though, this course is decent, if you’re not paying more than what I did for it. Be prepared to have to do research yourself online to understand what is being taught in this course though, but then again doing one’s own research and own reading alongside a degree is an essential study skill to ensure success at degree level, so might as well start now at this, if you are planning to do a degree in this subject anyway!

I suppose one could read an A Level Psychology or AP Psychology textbook instead of this course but I suspect this might be the cheaper option, unless one can find textbooks cheaper than this. It is possible, but for me personally, I tend to avoid textbooks unless they are required in a course.