In Singapore (the country of many bans), fireworks have been banned for decades for public use except for certain events where safety precautions have been taken… and I know many Singaporeans who look to countries in the West for their freedoms and moan about their lack of freedom in Singapore. Singapore after all is a country with a “benevolent dictatorship. Singaporeans grow up knowing there are things the government banned for their own good…. things the government deems too important to allow the public to experiment with and learn by trial and error. Fireworks being one of them. Bubble gum another… and now in the UK there are people calling for this ban. Are they serious? Yes they are. An online petition for the ban of fireworks has been started on the British government’s website that has now amassed just over 5300 signatures. If the number of signatures reaches 10,000, the petition will be debated in parliament. It does look set to get that way. The petition was started on the 10th October and has already generated that many signatures.

The reasons calling for the ban in the UK are a bit more multifaceted than the reason behind the Singaporean ban though. Singapore’s fireworks ban was started due to the government’s perception of its dangers to human beings alone. It stems from a Chinese tradition of lighting firecrackers during festivities, which caused quite a lot of property damage, deaths and injuries. The UK’s ban – because the British love their animals so much – is deemed necessary by some because it not only causes deaths and injuries to people, but also animals. 

Of course there are Singaporeans unhappy with the many bans imposed on the by the government. They write articles such as this.

 Some Singaporeans might call this regression. 

But frankly, I don’t really care much for fireworks myself so if the ban goes ahead, it wouldn’t bother me.

If you’re interested in signing the petition for the ban on fireworks in the UK, go to